"The idea was to make a Nike Eames, like the Nike Air but playing with the Eames, translating the language and the forms and the aesthetic of the Eames armchair into a trainer." - Ora Ïto discuses his conceptual Nike trainer designer, with Modernist furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames in mind.

The curvature and flowing aesthetics of Eames' work is evident in this conceptual design, lending itself to kinetic energy and vibrant connotations, akin to running and exercise. Ïto is known for recreating or prodding ideas in the direction of companies to take-up conceptual ideas into reality:

"I started exactly like this, creating products that don't exist for brands since 1988," said Ïto. "When I have something in mind and I have free time – not very often – I like to have some fun."

Whether this will be the case with the Nikeames trainer, it can't be argued that Eames' influence and styling remains as modern as ever, quite a feat considering the naturalistic and organic nature of the raw materials used. There is something very appealing about a mix and mash of materials and processes, almost akin to a biological or cyborg creation - the best of both worlds and parts. Ultimately, what it all comes down to is if these shoes became a reality wood you buy them?

If you would like to see more of Ïto's work follow this link.