United States Postal Service Reband

With the Royal Mail and their monarchy imagery commonly associated with the British public and the likes of UPS and Fedex adopting a modern, zesty approach to branding - the US postal service was in desperate need of re-imagining in-branch. Especially when you consider the billion's (yes - that's right) in losses they had recorded. With American's in mind and no monarchy in sight, it would be the use of 'We Want You' typography and bold iconic imagery such as the American Bald eagle that would clarify and re-establish the USPS within the American public's visual spectrum.

GrandArmy have created a patriotic, simplistic and 'Americana' brand visualization that will do wonders to incorporate and integrate the company's audience and customers. 31,000 locations were revamped in the aid of better communicating brand values and informative information, including: tags, signage, kiosks, menu boards, welcome signs and window stickers.

The bold and colourful styling seen surrounding really makes for a visually pleasing arrangement of typography, sizing and positive and negative space; perfectly capturing the American feel of the brand without being too bloaty and...well...American. Consumerism and over zealous styling are lacking, making way for concise iconography, modernism and clarity.

Red, white and blue - throughout and consistent and although used in a huge array of brands, feel more powerful and punchy than others, largely due to the choice of font - 'Knockout' and deliberate and thought-out composition of all elements. In the coming months and years, it will be interesting to see the recorded impact of such a vast rebrand (the largest in American retail history), but one thing's for sure - sure does look powerful, it's just a shame that this beautiful branding doesn't quite sretch to their current websites or similarly positioned digital domains.

To see the branding in it's full glory check out GrandArmy's presentation of work here.