White Cube Exhibit: Gilbert & George

The Guardian calls it a 'a dirty-mouthed atheist onslaught', a visceral and provocative collection of vibrant imagery locating the viewers senses and teasing at offense. The latest showing at White Cube; photo montage and graphics, but continually described as sculpture will engage and tower over immediate viewers and bystanders to a point of themed colour and sub-surface satire and ever present cultural curiosity.

"For nearly five decades the art of Gilbert & George has created a visceral and epic depiction of modern urban existence. At its centre are always the artists themselves, who have dedicated their adult lives to their calling as ‘Living Sculptures’ – witness participants within the moral and vividly atmospheric world of their vision, as it is revealed in their art.

Echoing the maxim of the great Victorian architect, A.W.N. Pugin, ‘Not a Style, but a Principle’, the vision of the SCAPEGOATING PICTURES both affirms and intensifies the historically iconic art of Gilbert & George, in its tireless, emotional and profound engagement with the viewer and the modern world."

Running at White Cube until September 28th, the collection is worth checking out if even to form your own opinions to something that encourages debate and interpretation within modern society.

White Cube
Bermondsey St,