Popular culture in Classical Art by Hillary White

These paintings by Hilary White are a great example of juxtaposition and an age old technique of mixing new and old for vibrant effect. We find these comedic, interesting and bright to look at while our London skies rain and rain; a partiulcar highlight being Freddy Krugger positioned among Van Gough's 'Café Terrace at Night'.

london display graphics 1
london display graphics 2
london display graphics 3
london display graphics 4
london display graphics 5
london display graphics 6

You can find more information and imagery of Hilary White's work over at her website.

Calling all graphic designers..!

Here's something really cool for all you graphic designers out there..create your own vintage style posters like these Spielberg movie props, send them to us and we can digitally print them up to x2 metres wide..that's not all - we can even print them direct to a number of different substrates too, how wicked would these look printed onto plywood or MDF..! Or even challenge us with your own ideas for the printed material!