Portable Display Cube


The brief from our client, a community focused water company, was for a large cube that could be transported and set up at events in public spaces to convey messaging about water usage.

We fulfilled this by making timber and ply frames in eight sections that could be easily bolted together to make the cube structure. The graphic panels were printed direct to 3mm Di-Bond on our Arizona UV flatbed printer and given a final layer of protection with anti-graffiti laminate. Finally, with the usual attention to detail we have come to expect from our guys, the screw heads were coloured to match the graphic background.

This may look like a simple box but it takes experience and knowhow to build a structure that is robust enough to be left outdoors in the public domain.

Well done team!


High Rise Building Signage

We recently installed three sets of built up illuminated 3D lettering and a tray sign above the entrance of Scape Canalside, high rise student accommodation in Mile End.

The size of the letters taken from the design deck and architectural elevations supplied by the client. Planning permission was required for the signage, so the estimated Lumen rating for the LEDs was supplied along with the full material spec for the client to add in to their planning application -  which subsequently passed.

Prior to the production of the signage, we sent our abseiler on site to double-check the roof for anchor points to make sure the building was suitable for abseiling at the locations where the three large sets of letters were to be installed. The smaller, low-level tray sign above the main entrance was installed using a scaffold tower for access.


Now and Then – The Turnmills Building - Farringdon EC1

In March 2008, after 3,000 club nights the legendary Farringdon/Clerkenwell dance club closed its doors. Over 20 years it played host to top DJ’s from around the world. Stars including The Chemical Brothers, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Smokin Jo and Judge Jules played the venue.

Today the 58,000 sq ft of offices are occupied by Publicis Groupe. The 12,300 sq ft of retail space is now available to let again after two top restaurants left late last year.


Signage & Wayfinding in London

Our boutique studio and production house is located in Clerkenwell, the heart n soul of London’s creative district. Many of our clients are internationally celebrated designers, architects, creative agencies, institutions, and developers. We are proud to say that many of our clients have also become friends.

Signage & Wayfinding.png

Why Can UV Flatbed Printers Print onto so many Materials?


Within the printing industry and particularly within UV printing. People often ask, “I want to print onto different, rigid materials. It sounds like it’s going to be a tough job - how do I go about it?”

The answer is an easy one. If you have the right support, inks and printing equipment, then it really is an easy job - here is why… 

UV Flatbed Printers have changed and developed a lot over the years, but with the most up to date equipment, the list of different types of material that you can print on is almost endless. The most important factor when printing onto multiple materials is the quality of the UV inks. When deciding which printer you are using, it is crucial that you consider which inks the printer is able to work with. This can vary when looking at different printers from different manufacturers. This is why great support when planning your project is crucial, experts within the industry will be able to advise which printer is right for which project and why certain inks are going to be better than others.

Now we have the right printer and the right inks, let go through the process…

RIP software. The first stage, you must import your artwork into the UV Flatbed Printers RIP software so the machine knows the artwork you are wanting to print. Depending on the job in hand, you can then set the resolution, the setting and set the configuration of the actual printer itself. With a standard UV Printer, it is usually supplied with CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and K. Whats K I hear you ask? The Letter K is used within the printing industry for the colour black. This is solely to avoid it being confused with darker colours like blue and brown. There is reasoning behind the name ‘K’ too. The reasoning behind the letter K is that the black plate in offset lithographic printing contained the Key-line – not too many people know that!

Lighter ink channels such as white, light cyan and light magenta can be added to a CMYK printer. These common additions are added to a printer whilst the printer is being manufactured. Adding these lighter colours extends the possibilities when printing, adding to the colour gamut. Having the option to print lighter colours as well as darker colours really widens the opportunity when printing.

Now you are ready to print onto your materials. Setting up the material within the printer is the most crucial stage, it sound obvious, but many project have been ruined at the very first stage! You need to ensure your material is clean, no muck or dust on the material, no upturned edges or anything that may obstruct the printing head. There should be a vacuum which will hold the material in place tightly to avoid slips. You should double check the thickness of the material and if the printer has not done this automatically, enter the dimension into the printer. Once all these checks have been done, fire the printer away and await the finished product.

The printer will do exactly what you have set it up to do, so once the printer has run is course, you should be left with the perfect product.


Construction Advertising Boards - What do you call it?

We asked some of our customers what term they use for print site hoarding products. These were their top twenty answers:

Site Hoarding
Printed Construction Hoarding
Construction Site Fencing
Building Development Boards
Developments Advertising Boards
Construction Advertising Boards
Site & Building Wraps
Printed Site Boards
Property Site Boards
Construction Fence Banners
Site Safety Boards
Property Site Advertising
Fencing Banners
Printed Fence Hoarding
Branded Construction Signs
Mesh Fence Hoarding
Pavement Hoarding & Signage
Crowd Control Barriers
Scaffold Banners
Vent Polyester Fencing Banners

If you have any other terms or if you need any of the above, please contact us. We are based in London Clerkenwell EC1.

Site Hoarding London.jpeg


Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition 2018 winners

Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition 2018 winners Considerate Construction Scheme

The design, artwork and printed hoarding competition encourages anyone registered with the Scheme to invite local communities to help design and decorate their hoarding based on a chosen theme. 

The high standard of artwork this year has been truly exceptional, all entries showed an incredibly high level of creativity and innovation.

A multitude of themes which include ‘Autism Awareness and Bringing the Community Together’, ‘Careers in Construction’, ‘Unity and Equality’ and ‘Space - A never-ending dream’. 

Winners of this year’s competition are: 

Bowmer & Kirkland

With the help of: Eden Park High School, Beckenham, Kent.

CJ Construction (Wales) Ltd

With the help of: Pupils and staff of Ysgol Bae Baglan School, Port Talbot, West Glamorgan.

Galliford Try Building

With the help of: LinkAble – a charity supporting young people and adults with learning disabilities. 

Galliford Try Partnerships

West with the help of: Frampton Cotterell C of E Primary School, Bristol.

Kier Construction

With the help of: Wendover C of E Junior School, Wendover, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Lovell Partnerships Ltd

With the help of: Branston C of E Primary School, Lincolnshire.

McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Ltd

With the help of: Hill of Banchory Primary School, Aberdeenshire.

Hoarding Printing

One Way Vision Window Graphics installation at King's Cross

In addition to a number of printed hoardings we have installed around the King’s Cross development sites, we have also recently produced window graphics to advertise new commercial restaurant space. We used one way vision graphics, meaning those from the outside cannot see inside which provides those working with privacy. From the inside, the windows however remain see-through and people still get the delights of looking outdoors, and not blocking out the daylight/ street atmosphere. Magic!



Window Graphics

Tom Eckersley

Tom Eckersley studied at Salford School of Art where he met Eric Lombers. They cooperated in London until the outbreak of the war. They were acknowledged as two of the foremost poster designers in Britain, working for the BBC and the Post Office, Frank Pick of London Transport and Jack Beddington at Shell-Mex and BP. Tom taught poster design at Westminster School of Art (1937–39). During the war he worked as a cartographer for the RAF, also designing many posters for the General Post Office and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Tom Eckersley Graphics

Printing onto Wood Signage - Hockey WC18

Great to be a part of the Women's World Cup Hockey 2018. We headed down to the Fan Zone at the weekend in Olympic Park to see all of our printed wooden cut-outs around the grounds. We printed all the signs direct onto our flatbed printers with a layer of white underneath to make them pop! We then cut them to shape on the Zund and polished the edges for the perfect finish.

Netherlands opens first 3D printed bridge

The Eindhoven University of technology, and BAM, have joined forces to create a first of its kind 3D printed concrete bridge.
The bridge connects two banks over a river, the primary use being for cyclists but according to the designers could hold the weight of up to 40 trucks.
Printing the bridge made for less waste and used fewer resources, while giving the designers more flexibility with shaping the bridge. 

Video and more information here:

3D printed cycle bridge in the Netherlands. Photo: BAM Infra
Picture Source

Site Hoarding Project - London EC4

Our latest printed hoarding and installation project can be found at Senator's refurbished office space in the heart of the City. The project is still underway due for completion early 2018. The agency we worked with produced a stunning design over 35 panels of UV printed aluminium to advertise the development of what will be 112,000 SQ FT of premium office space.

Gorilla Enclosure At London Zoo

london zoo gorillas 1

This month saw the installation of subtle glass window vinyl's across the Gorilla Ensloure at London Zoo (Gorilla Kingdom). The project has been in the pipeline for a number of months with the aim of improving the Gorillas' privacy.

We produced 30+ vertical drops of UV printed optically clear vinyl, trimmed and spliced on site using our in house installation team. We even got a nice thank you card and treats from Kambuka - the largest Gorilla!

london zoo gorillas 2
london zoo gorillas 3

The beginning stages of the project a few months back began with the aim of trying to depict the perfect balance between ink opacity and colour vibrancy to appeal to both visitors and the animals within. The design enables the Gorillas to have a sense of privacy, while still being able to peer and see through the gaps in the artwork when needed. After only a few hours of the vinyl's being up, there was a noticeable improvement in general mood and demeanour.

To see our other outdoor installations, please click here.

london zoo gorillas 4

The British Library Celebrate Punk

The British Library celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Punk with an exhibition that explores the formative years of its development. The exhibition considers the impact of punk with a number of items on display include graphics, fanzines, audio recordings, original posters, flyers, gig tickets and clothing.

Open until Sun 2 Oct 2016 FREE


London's Best Tattoo Artists

Renowned Tattoo Artist Mo Coppoletta opened his Milan office during the Salon del Mobile. Having previously produced a range of large format prints onto a variety of substrates, we were again commissioned to print the backdrop which would decorate Coppoletta's design meeting room. Recently rated as one of London's best tattoo artists in Time Out, you can find Mo's studio The Family Business in the trendy Exmouth Market location in Clerkenwell. 

A world first - 3D printed office in just 17 days

Paving the way to become leader in 3D- printed construction, Dubai has just printed a fully functional 250 sq m office building in just 17 days!

Labour costs for the project were halved by comparison to that of a similar build, with staff resources significantly reduced to one person monitoring the printer's progress, a group of seven on the installation of building components, and ten electricians and various specialists to look after several technical requirements. 

The office of the future was built using a large 3D-printer measuring (6 x 36 x 12 m), printing the structure with a cement mixture layer by layer - incredible!

Credit: Government of Dubai)

Credit:   Government of Dubai  )

Credit: Government of Dubai)

Credit:   Government of Dubai  )

Credit: Government of Dubai)

Credit:   Government of Dubai  )

Credit: Government of Dubai)

Credit:   Government of Dubai  )

Credit: Government of Dubai)

Credit:   Government of Dubai  )

Credit: Government of Dubai)

LDG & Harry Potter: House of Mina Lima

house of mima lima 1

Last week, the House of Mina Lima opened in Greek Street, London. Here you can find props, original prints and memorabilia for the Harry Potter movie series, all of which were designed and conceptualised by Mina Lima - a design partnership of Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima.

You can also see our amazingly vibrant digitaly printed wallpaper and durable, yet soft to touch printed floor graphics. Both are designed to last and will be as colourful as the day we installed them 6 months from now. You can see some of our other exhibition and visitor attraction-based work here.

printed wallpaper and flooring
marauders map harry potter
printed floor graphics

The exhibit (of sorts!) is open now until the middle of next year, so if you'd like to see some of the books, prints and other objects - head down. The space is free to enter and un-ticketed.

You can also see some recent news coverage and Mina Lima's website below for more information.