In With the Spiders @ London Zoo

Back in early Summer London Display Graphics produced a huge array of internal signage and graphics for the current ‘In With the Spiders’ Exhibition within London Zoo. The whole aim of the exhibit is to allay certain fears and misconceptions regarding spiders. So if you are a bit squeamish at the sight of our 8-legged friends, we do encourage you to give the rest of the blog post a read…there is hope!

"In with the Spiders will bring people face-to-face with amazing arachnids from around the world in a completely unique and immersive experience..." – ZSL London Zoo website.

It is the first exhibit of its kind to offer a walk through experience with live spiders situated in and around the ceilings and walls. There is also a specific pay to enter program whereby those with various fears and concerns surrounding spiders can be shown and taught the various facts and myths to do with the often-feared creatures. By the end of this paid guide and experience (with potential mantle piece certificate in hand), it's hoped those with arachnophobia can be cured.

*This course runs for 4 hours once a month up until the end of October, for more information click here.

London Display Graphics were responsible for near all environmental and way finding signage, ranging from: printed rainforest window graphics, fabric stretched information panels, stenciled wall lettering and imagery, cut vinyl lettering and acrylic guide labels. With the metres and metres of print produced and installed there is a clear stamp of quality and consistency throughout the area – of which we’re proud to showcase as a prestigious case study.

Luckily for our ‘brave’ install team, the spiders weren’t quite ready to be placed around the exhibit at the time of install. Instead they were able to see the exhibit take shape and work towards ensuring even the smallest printed elements were produced with longevity and aesthetical quality in mind.

For a more detailed look at our work and the exhibit itself, the video below is a great opportunity to see all the elements up close. There is also a great introduction and explanatory guide as to what the exhibit offers for young and old.

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