Walking the Tube

It's about time someone developed a way of seeing how long it actually takes to walk from tube to tube. It's interesting to compare journey time in some instances. For example, Farringdon to Kings Cross is a clammy 26 minute walk, while Kings Cross to Angel is only a leisurely 16 minute wander. It could become incredibly useful for tourists (or every Londoner) venturing underground between Station X and Station Y to shave minutes off their journey. With untold dizzying spiral steps and sardine-cramming, hotboxes for every underground adventure it will be of great relief to know they can walk the overground in-between; at the equivalent of a local, lunch time stroll to Pret.

The design has come via TFL, so you do have to trust the minutes they've stated (give or take a few). So get your stop watches out, soak in that vitamin D and enjoy the oyster-less overground walk.

We'll await the editable version of this map to cater for the long or short-legged...

See more reaction to the news at the Telegraph's piece listed here.

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