Exhibition Work: 'Waterloo, Wellington & Westminsiter'

house of parliament waterloo 1

This month, London Display Graphics decided to get all parliamentary and proper. The ‘Waterloo, Wellington & Westminster’ exhibit within the Royal Gallery at the Houses of Parliament now showcases a selection of printed black foamex panels neatly finished with overlaid metallic gold vinyl.

The exhibit itself explores Parliament's connections with the Battle of Waterloo, timely in connection with the event's 200 year anniversary. The exhibit as described by Parliment.uk is listed below:


"Waterloo, Wellington & Westminster' will explore the connections between Parliament and this key event in European history, which saw the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by a coalition army led by the Duke of Wellington.

MPs and Peers played crucial roles in the battle and its legacy, from fighting on the battlefield to commissioning one of the most important commemorations of the event in the form of Daniel Maclise’s famous painting 'The Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo' (above)."

house of parliament waterloo 4


LDG employed a number of new techniques to meet a creatively challenging brief. One stipulation by the client was that no white should be visible along the vertical edges of each panel. They also had large areas of solid colour for the background, which needed to consistent in shade and tone across the entire exhibit. So rather than print the background, our team came up with the idea to mount a pantone-matched grey vinyl to black PVC foamex. UV print was then applied on top in the form of white ink for text and to back imagery and pictures; having them appear exactly as they would have on screen. The last client-drive request was to have the main titles stand out from the rest of the print. It was decided that we use a separately applied gold metallic vinyl to fit the need that also helped to bring in and compliment the gold gilded frames used on the exhibit and all around the gallery.

house of parliament waterloo 2
house of parliament waterloo 3
house of parliament waterloo 5
house of parliament waterloo 6

The exhibit (now open to the public) runs until the 24th of September of this year, so get there while you can! To see our work in the flesh and explore and engage with the history behind the fascinating Battle of Waterloo and its associations with Parliament, you will need to join a guided tour. For more information please visit the Houses of Parliament’s website here.